One platform to test all your digital applications

Digital Commerce

Test content, features, integration and performance while guaranteeing the best user experience on your digital commerce apps

Identify errors that impact conversion, bleed revenue, reduce inventory turnover and lead to markdowns

Salesforce Apps

AI powered automation builds resilient tests that don't break as orgs are rebuilt or moved to different environments

All-in-one solution for testing classic and lightning UI, Salesforce and partner mobile apps and Salesforce API

Enterprise APPs

Proven solution for automated testing of leading SaaS solutions in healthcare, life sciences, education, pharmaceuticals, logistics, warehousing, banking, insurance and financials services

Enterprise class scalability, security and integration support

eureQa’s ability to run UI, functional, API and load/performance testing on a single cloud based platform provides us with significant scale and efficiency in our testing process
— Shawn Belling, EVP CloudCraze

eureQa is loaded with features

AI powered automation

Scriptless test automation


Build resilient tests that don't break

Reduce false positives and improve test reliability

Automate faster, and reduce test maintenance

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Performance Testing

Build test automation without programming

Create complex test workflows with looping, conditional statements and control flow commands

Empower your QA analysts to build and maintain automation

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Efficiency of SaaS

No more software setup, maintenance and update hassles

Enable globally distributed teams to build test automation efficiently

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Cloud Testing


Get test results faster by scaling your test execution on the Cloud

Zero test infrastructure set up or maintenance costs

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Cross browser & device testing

Test user experience on 1000+ device/OS/ browser/resolution combinations on the Cloud

Verify user experience on Real Device Cloud

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Performance Testing

Verify user experience under load conditions

Performance testing of Web UI and API

Simulate varying levels of user and data/ transaction size loads

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API Testing

Mobile app testing


Run automated tests for iOS and Android Apps

Real Device cloud

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Manage JSON and XML payloads

Automated validation of results

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DevOps Integration

Actionable Analytics & Reporting


Real time feedback on test results

Understand trends and patterns in application quality

Highly customizable and actionable intelligence at your fingertips

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Powerful REST API to integrate with DevOps and CI/CD tools

Flexible test scheduling

Report results in test management systems

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Data driven testing


Vary test data easily to improve test coverage

Use dynamic data from multiple sources - CSV, databases and APIs

Perfect for testing content rich apps and enterprise apps that are highly configurable

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Flexible Test Management


Organize test scripts, scenarios, data, and test results any way you want to

Implement traceability and customized reporting

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Multi language and currency support

Enterprise class security


End-to-end security on all tests

Encrypt sensitive data during tests

Support for single sign-on and authentication

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Test content, labels and data in multiple languages and currencies

Test multi-country sites for digital commerce from a common automation code base

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