Your B2B eCommerce site integrates your ERP, multiple homegrown systems and partner data feeds. You spent a lot of time and money building it. 

How are you making sure it works?

eureQa is the only SaaS+Cloud Testing Platform for B2B eCommerce Testing

The challenge with testing B2B Commerce


Over half the orders placed in B2B Commerce is expected to be done online by 2017.

This means that manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and anyone selling online to other businesses must be able to present eCommerce storefronts that can present products from multiple sources, display contract pricing and accept orders that have to be processed by existing homegrown or ERP systems.

Integrating disparate systems and data sources to an online storefront that provides the rich user experience of a B2C Commerce site, while retaining the requirements of complex contracts and ease of ordering that commercial buyers are used to is no simple exercise. What is more complex is making sure that the resulting B2B Commerce site continues to work the way it was designed to.

Testing the B2B eCommerce site to make sure that all the contract rules, and pricing are followed and custom catalogs created using multiple product feeds is effort intensive and time consuming. Add to this the task of testing downstream systems to verify that online orders are received and processed correctly and you can see how challenging testing B2B Commerce sites really is.

We have the solution

eureQa Testing Platform provides with you with a rich set of features that help accelerate the testing of your B2B Commerce site


With eureQa you can:

  • Test Product Catalog feeds from partner systems
  • Verify Custom Catalogs
  • Ensure Contract Compliance and Partner Pricing
  • Build test automation without programming
  • Run tests in parallel on the Cloud in to reduce testing time
  • Ensure great digital experience across 800+ browser, OS and device combinations on the Cloud
  • Test integrations to ERP systems to verify Order Processing, Shipping and Delivery
  • Simulate multiple user profiles to test Purchasing and Approval workflows