A Rich user experience, attractive pricing and targeted promotions are just a few of the MUST-HAVES that you made sure you put into your B2C eCommerce app. You spent a lot of time and money building it. 

How are you making sure it works?

eureQa is the only SaaS+Cloud Testing Platform for B2C eCommerce Testing

The B2C Commerce Testing Challenge


Making sure your users have a consistent Digital Experience on the eCommerce site requires testing on tens of browser/OS/device combinations. The cost to build a test lab with all these combinations can be exorbitant.

Testing the personalized shopping experience created on your B2C Commerce site requires the simulation of user context and verification of the site's response.  Creating this simulation for all user contexts is effort intensive and time consuming.

Add to this the task of testing payment gateways, content management systems and all the works related to the user journey and path to purchase, and you can see how challenging testing B2C Commerce sites really is.

We have the solution

eureQa Testing Platform provides with you with a rich set of features that help accelerate the testing of your B2C Commerce site


With eureQa you can:

  • Test Responsive UI for your Storefront
  • Verify Product Information and Pricing on product listing detail pages
  • Test promotions, discounts and coupons
  • Build test automation without programming
  • Run tests in parallel on the Cloud in to reduce testing time
  • Ensure great digital experience across 800+ browser, OS and device combinations on the Cloud
  • Test integrations to ERP systems to verify Order Processing, Shipping and Delivery
  • Test integrations to payment gateways

At Bare Necessities, we use eureQa to build comprehensive test automation to run tests on a myriad of browser/device combinations. The results from these tests are available within hours instead of days as it was with manual testing. Using eureQa, we are finding, validating and fixing a greater number of critical issues than we were before, and we are able to address these critical issues earlier in the project cycle. eureQa is key to our ability to hit our dates and launch with confidence, knowing we are stable.
— William Saccone, Sr. Director, Bare Necessities