Stop Revenue Bleed - Complete the Sale!

67 percent of eCommerce shopping carts are abandoned!

Think about that statistic for a minute - Two out of three shoppers on your site leave without completing the purchase. Take the time, money and effort you spent in getting those shoppers to your site, and imagine that two-thirds of that just went up in smoke.  Poof! Something happened along the way that made them change their minds. Focus on that, fix that, and you will see your revenue climb.

Let’s dive into the statistic that I opened with - Most abandoned carts are due to factors well under your control – and you can do something about them.  

Reasons range from unexpected costs (usually shipping and handling that were not stated up front) to challenges in completing the purchase. Detecting these issues and fixing them will directly impact your revenue and bottom line.  

In addition to being upfront with your customers about the costs they can expect, you have to make sure their experience is seamless and error-free no matter what path they take in your site to make the purchase.  Otherwise, given the short attention span of shoppers, it’s Hasta la Vista – they’re gone, probably for good.

These are three areas you should focus on to make sure that your customer’s experience is a rewarding one:


  •  Provide customers with a way to checkout without having to register on your site. This is extremely important for first-time and impulse buyers.
  • Make sure registered customers can log in easily. If they can log in with a single click, so much the better.
  • For returning customers, remember their preferences, like shipping details so they don’t have to reenter the information. (Don’t you hate that?)
  •  Remember your customers’ shopping history, including abandoned carts. Offer to review/include those abandoned carts in the current sale.

Pricing, Promotions and Discounts

  • Are cart totals displayed accurately, including applicable taxes? Consistency is critical – beware of discrepancies in different paths through your site.

  • Make sure product prices are correct – particularly when an off-size item is selected. State clearly if a price is different from the price on the product page and why it is different.

  • What about different currencies? Make sure you’re handling them correctly, especially when selling internationally.
  • Verify that promotions, discounts, and sales are correct.  Itemize when necessary, and make sure the transaction is easy to understand.


  • Make sure all displayed payment options work properly. There’s nothing worse than a credit card or banking transaction that goes haywire – don’t let it happen on your site.
  • If certain options require users to register, make sure you let them know upfront – preferably during the checkout process. Make registration as effortless as possible, and bring users back to where they were.
  • For registered users, provide the option to use past payment methods.
  • Be able to send payment confirmation multiple ways – on-screen, email (if you have the address), text message, etc.

These simple steps go a long way in increasing your conversion rates and your revenue.

Change Is Constant – How Can You Keep Up?

Your eCommerce site has complex workflows behind the scenes connecting to diverse backend systems and external services.  You need to make sure that all these elements work correctly and continue working correctly with the constant changes on a dynamic retail site. Thorough testing is essential – but doing it every time you adjust a price, unveil a new product, launch a promotion and make other changes is a daunting challenge for many retailers. Traditional manual testing approaches take too long and cost too much.

Continuous testing of all site features and user journeys across the myriad of browsers and devices your customers use requires an automated testing solution. It is the only way to do testing at scale, with efficiency.

Stop the bleed!. Detect problems on your site before they afflict your customers. Get them to complete the purchase, and come back for more.