Root Cause Analysis – The Importance of Asking ‘Why’?

Automating your tests provides you with the convenience of being able to run them more frequently, which is the key to identifying issues with your app or enterprise software implementation as early as possible, so problems can be fixed quicker. Take a look at any automation tool or framework on the market and you will see the focus on building automation scripts faster, running automation on more browsers and devices, and using AI to reduce the maintenance of tests.

But while all these will help you determine ‘what’ failed, and ‘where’ the failure occurred, there is one area that seems to be often ignored – ‘why’ did the failure occur?  Because the ‘why’ identifies the root cause of the failure, this is the most important part of the equation that needs to be known. 

Knowing what failed and where it failed, helps you fix the failure, but knowing why a test failed, i.e. knowing the root cause of failure, helps you prevent a failure in the future.

So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often do you capture this root cause information? 

  • Do you capture this information in an organized manner? 

  • Are you able to report on it, look for patterns in these failures across different tests and different software releases?

  • What efforts are being employed to identify this root cause and track this information?

 Wouldn’t it be great if your test automation tools were able to automatically figure out the root cause of failure as well as provide support for capturing and tracking the information? Imagine how much time and money it could save you, and how much more stable and dependable your apps or software could be.  

This is the potential that’s made available to you when you use the eureQa automation platform. The eureQa platform is specially designed to track and report the root causes of test failures. Our AI and ML capabilities operate automatically, always looking for patterns in failure to help you identify the root cause of failure of tests, so your team can make sure they never happen again.

Remember, if you don’t know ‘why’ your tests are failing, you will never solve the problem that’s preventing your app or software from being as good as it can be. Try eureQa today and take advantage of our innovative suite of features, each geared to help you build, run, and manage an effective test automation solution. 

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