Tired of test automation solutions that require you to integrate multiple open source tools, write code to connect to Cloud VMs or pay expensive product license fees?

It's time to say eureQa!

eureQa is a SaaS+Cloud Testing Platform that provides you with all the features required to build, run and manage an effective test automation solution.  It empowers your QA teams to make sure that your apps work exactly the way you intended them to and your customers have a great experience using your apps.

Here are a few things you can do with the eureQa testing Platform

  • Eliminate the need for custom-frameworks and expensive programmers to build test automation
  • Create test scenarios that accurately simulate real business workflows and customer usage
  • Create, Manage and Use test data securely
  • Run tests in parallel on the Cloud - Eliminate expensive test labs 
  • Run your tests on Third-Party Selenium Clouds (Sauce Labs & Browserstack)
  • Get Continuous Actionable Analytics - Zero wait time.
  • Empower your Agile Teams - Continuous Testing to go with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment