Your eCommerce site integrates your ERP, Payment Gateways and Third party systems. You spent a lot of time and money building it. 

How are you making sure it works?

eureQa is the only SaaS+Cloud Testing Platform for eCommerce Integration Testing

The challenge with testing eCommerce Integration


eCommerce storefronts today present products from multiple sources, display pricing data that can be set in external systems or generated dynamically and accept orders that have to be processed by existing homegrown or ERP systems.

Integrating disparate systems and data sources to an online storefront that provides the rich user experience of an eCommerce site. But making sure these integrations work correctly and consistently is no easy task. 

Testing the eCommerce site integrations involve a combination of UI, database and Services tests that have to be coordinated and run for a variety of test data and usage scenarios.  Not a task that can be accomplished manually.

We have the solution

eureQa provides with you with a rich set of features that help accelerate the testing of the integrations between external systems and your eCommerce site


With eureQa you can:

  • Test Product Catalog Feeds from CMS and partner systems
  • Verify Address Lookup integrations
  • Ensure Payment Gateways are working correctly
  • Run tests in parallel on the Cloud in to reduce testing time
  • Connect to SQL Database and REST API behind corporate firewalls
  • Test integrations to ERP systems and Order Management Systems to verify Order Processing and status
  • Check integrations with Logistics and Shipping service providers