eCommerce Perfection Starts Here

Errors have haunted eCommerce sites forever, resulting in untold billions in lost revenue. Keeping up with constant changes was just
a pipe dream. Until now.


Perfection Is Beautiful — and Profitable

eureQa is cloud-based technology that automates B2B and B2C eCommerce testing without programming. It’s automated testing the way it should be: fast, efficient, and complete.


UI Testing

Verify that all content renders correctly across browsers, operating systems and devices - whatever combinations customers use.

Functional Testing

Make sure features work as intended – product catalog, shopping cart, checkout, payment etc. – and continue to work as data and content change.


API Testing

Ensure that internal and external integration points work properly (payment gateways, logistics and shipping, orders, inventory, content, catalogs, etc.)

Load and Performance Testing

Make sure your site performs reliably at peak loads, and doesn’t slow to a crawl or become unresponsive


Find and Fix Errors


Put the cloud to work for testing.

Run multiple tests simultaneously, leveraging virtually unlimited resources in the cloud. Find and fix errors 75% faster. Test thoroughly – all the functions and options that matter to you and your customers. Get to market faster, and roll out new features and promotions with confidence.

Increase Revenue


Stop driving customers away —complete the sale!

Increase Revenue by 15%. The average cart abandonment rate is more than 67%, of which 22% is due to website errors. By identifying and addressing those errors before they reach your customers, you can capture thousands or millions of dollars in additional revenue annually.


Automated testing has never been so easy, or so cost-effective


Build Test Automation 5 times Faster. Save Money Too.

eureQa lets you build test automation in a fraction of the time and effort of custom programming. Now you can meet tight deadlines without compromising on testing or hiring additional staff.

Find bottlenecks where you least expect them


Load Testing that Reflects Your World

Test performance with hundreds or thousands of simulated users, mixing and matching usage patterns, transaction types and eCommerce workflows. Make sure your site and its features can handle the demand!


Industry Leaders Trust eureQa

eCommerce Perfection is within your reach


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