You build promotions targeted to attract your most valuable customers, showcase your best performing products and set the right price to drive sales. 


eureQa is the only SaaS+Cloud Testing Platform for eCommerce Operations Testing

eCommerce Operations Testing


There is nothing more frustrating than having a customer come to your site and leave without making a purchase.  Especially when you have spent time and money getting them to your site.  Accuracy of product data and shipping costs, promotions that work as expected and an easy checkout and payment process are key to ensuring customer purchase.

Making sure all of these work correctly, every day and every time requires constant testing and monitoring.  eureQa automates this testing and monitoring to ensure that you don't lose customers or revenue because your storefront does not work the way you expect it to.


We have the solution

eureQa provides with you with a rich set of features to help you continuously test your eCommerce site as you roll out changes.  All without IT support.


With eureQa you can:


Make sure all your promotions work... all the time. Run tests on-demand or daily with real product data.

  • Price Discounts for specific SKUs, product variations, brands or categories
  • Discounts based on purchase volume (quantity or price)
  • Single and multi-use Coupons
  • Promotions targeted to specific customers, geographies
  • Free Shipping for specific products, categories or purchase volume
  • Identify out-of-date promotions


Product Catalog Updates

Make sure that updates to your product catalog are accurately applied to your Storefront.

  • Be certain that all product data is displayed correctly
  • Identify missing images and check UI on all browsers and mobile devices
  • Make sure products bundling and categorization is accurate
  • Identify out-of-stock products on the storefront


Make sure that the data on your eCommerce site is accurately reflected in the feeds you send to Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and Comparison shopping engines

  • Check product attributes (including price and GTIN) shown on your storefront for all SKUs sent in the feeds
  • Identify SKUs that don't show up on your storefront
  • Make sure your customers know which products are out-of-stock
  • Don't incur penalties and suspensions for bad data feeds imposed by Search Engines.

Monitor Key Workflows

Don't be the last one to know of a problem with your eCommerce site.  Proactive monitoring can help you identify problems with your revenue producing workflows. Check the following on an ongoing basis to avoid lost revenue:

  • Can your customers find the products they are looking for
  • Is the Shopping cart & Checkout working seamlessly
  • Are Payment Gateway integrations up
  • Are order status being updated in time
  • Is shipment tracking data displayed correctly on your site

eureQa has enabled us cut the time taken for post-deployment verification from 2 hours down to 25 minutes. We are saving time and money across multiple teams as we compress the windows needed for deployments.
— Sridhar Narayanan, Director, QA & Digital Product Engineering, Weight Watchers