Errors in Enterprise Applications create rework, disruptions, require time and effort intensive manual workarounds, resulting in increased costs and user frustration. 

Keeping up with constant changes was a pipe dream. Until now!


A single Automation Platform for all your Testing

Functional Testing

Make sure features - product pages, shopping cart, checkout, payment etc., work as intended and continue to work as data and content change.

UI Testing

Verify that all content renders correctly across browsers, operating systems and devices - whatever the combination customers use.

API Testing

Ensure that internal and external integration points - payment gateways, logistics and shipping, order and inventory management, content and catalog management systems - work properly.

Load and Performance Testing

Confirm that your site performs reliably at peak loads and does not slow to a crawl or become unresponsive.

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It's automated testing the way it should be: Fast, Easy and Complete!

iContracts reduced testing time by 85%.

You can do it too!

eureQa has improved our team productivity and helped us roll out our product features faster, and with greater quality
— Erik Sieverding, CTO, iContracts

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