Fully Featured Testing Platform to take on any Functional Testing Challenge

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Scriptless Test Automation

  • Build Test Automation without programming
  • Automation by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), not programmers
  • Support for advanced automation constructs without programming
    • Conditional Logic and Nested Loops
    • Keyword & Data driven testing
    • Smart locator identification
    • System and user defined parameters
  • Ease of maintenance and built-in change/version control of test scripts and test data
  • Increased automation efficiency through test assembly and test script reuse
  • Support for applications with difficult-to-automate UI
    • Dynamic UI IDs
    • Asynchronous Updates of UI elements
The Point-Click-Create-Assemble-Execute model has allowed teams that don’t have programming skills to take advantage of automation at a net lower cost to the organization.
— Sridhar Narayanan, Director QA, Digital Product Engineering

Watch eureQa's easy-to-use Test Automation feaures

Powerful Test Management Capabilities

  • Traceability and test coverage
  • Eliminate ‘broken tests’ with Change Impact Analysis
  • Organize test objects just the way you want to
  • Powerful search helps you find test objects faster and easier
  • Manage data definitions and test data files
  • Manage test results
  • Test Automation Versioning & Smart Dependencies Migration
  • Tagging & Labeling (Google Style)
  • Audit Trial / Change Log
  • Project & Product level access control & visibility
  • Reporting on Project and User level activities

Easy to Run Tests

  • Cloud based => No infrastructure required
  • 700+ Browser/OS/Device combinations supported
  • Test cloud based, SaaS, Public facing and internal applications
  • Cross-Browser & Cross-Device execution of automated tests
  • Support for test execution on Sauce Labs Cloud
  • Support for Testing Contexts to control test execution
  • Unlimited parallel/concurrent execution of tests
  • Unmanned/Remote Executions from your ALM CI tools
  • Screenshots, Videos of application response during test execution
  • Data Driven Testing supported by Excel (CSV) files that contain test inputs and expected outputs
eureQa® is more than just using Selenium-as-a Service on the cloud. Instead of worrying about the idiosyncrasies of Selenium, we can focus on improving our product quality. We would never have been able to take on test automation in such a short time and with such little investment without eureQa®
— Mrinal Bhaskar, CTO, Rightcare Solutions

See eureQa in action

Reporting and Analytics

The results from these tests are available within hours instead of days as it was with manual testing. Using eureQa®, we are finding, validating and fixing a greater number of critical issues than we were before and we are able to address these critical issues earlier in the project cycle. eureQa is key to our ability to hit our dates and launch with confidence.
— William Saccone, Sr. Director, Bare Necessities
  • Planning
  • Traceability Reports
  • Coverage Reports
  • Operations
  • Summary and detail test results
  • Standard and Custom PDF & Excel reports
  • Screenshots and Videos of test runs
  • Downloadable results
  • User & Project Activity
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Trending
  • Impact Analysis
  • Automatic notifications of test progress. 
  • Project and user-level control of notifications


eureQa takes Actionable Intelligence to a new level

DevOps Integration

  • Support forAgile Development Processes
  • Integration with CI Tools
    • Jenkins
    • Bamboo
    • Maven
  • Bi-directional integration with Atlassian JIRA
    • Log issues automatically
    • Import application feature and module information from JIRA to build traceability
  • REST Services API
    • Initiate test execution
    • Query on progress of test execution
    • Download Test Results

Our testing was good but we needed to do more. We included eureQa in our agile development process and completed our tests in hours rather than in days or weeks. eureQa allows TargetX to focus on test content rather than on tools.
— Peter Schiano, VP R&D, TargetX