Everything you need for test automation in one smart platform

eureQa provides all the features you need to build, run and manage an effective test automation solution.  It empowers your teams to work efficiently to ensure that your applications behave and perform the way you want them to.

It's time to say eureQa!

Harness the power of AI on the smartest automation platform for testing

  • Build resilient test that don't break with every minor application change
  • Reduce false positives and improve reliability of test outcomes
  • Significantly reduce test development and maintenance efforts
  • Eliminate test flakiness and the need for redundant test execution
By leveraging the power of AI, eureQa has made it extremely easy for a non-programmer to build and manage a world-class, reliable test automation solution

Test automation by Subject Matter Experts & QA Analysts - Not Programmers

  • Build test automation without programming
  • Empower your SMEs and QA Analysts to build and maintain test automation
  • Simulate complex test workflows easily with looping, conditional statements and control flow commands
  • Reduce test maintenace by 75% with Test Assembly
  • Easily automate dynamic UI & frequently changing content with ease
  • Get rid of your test lab and custom framework
The Point-Click-Create-Assemble-Execute model has allowed teams that don’t have programming skills to take advantage of automation at a net lower cost to the organization.
— Sridhar Narayanan, Director QA, Weightwatchers International

No more software to set up, maintain or update

  • Eliminate the need to install, maintain and update software on workstations or servers
  • No more problems with lost automation code or code that is not checked in
  • Enable globally distributed teams to work from a single codebase
  • Get automatic updates to platform with built-in backward compatibility
We would never have been able to take on test automation in such a short time and with such little investment without eureQa
— Mrinal Bhaskar, CTO, Rightcare Solutions

Get results faster by scaling your tests on the Cloud 

  • Unlimited Cloud scalability
  • Eliminate the need to build and maintain a testing infrastructure
  • Support for large combinations of platforms and devices
  • Connect securely to applications behind corporate firewalls, and on public or private clouds
At Bare Necessities, we use eureQa to run tests on a myriad of browser/device combinations. The results from these tests are available within hours instead of days as it was with manual testing.
— William Saccone, Sr. Director, Bare Necessities

Test user experience on 1000+ testing platforms

  • Run tests on 1000+ combinations of device/ OS/ browser/ resolution combinations
  • Run tests on real mobile devices and emulators
  • Support for Sauce Labs, Browserstack, and Selenium Grids on AWS or on premises
  • Secure access to applications and databases behind firewall
  • Screenshots and videos of test execution 

Performance Testing

  • Measure performance of Web applications and APIs under user and transaction loads
  • Simulate tens of thousands of virtual users 
  • Find performance bottlenecks quickly using rich, interactive graphs
  • Analyze online or download critical metrics including response time percentiles and errors
  • Track trends over time from multiple builds with our Comparison Reports
Digital applications employ a rich UI with asynchronous data loading technologies like AJAX and JQuery. eureQa’s uses browsers for to generate user load a provide a more accurate measure of performance for digital applications.

Test native mobile and hybrid apps on real devices and emulators

  • Build and run automated tests for apps on iOS and Android platforms
  • Support for native mobile and hybrid apps
  • Run automated tests at scale on the Cloud
  • Support for real devices and emulators
  • Increase test coverage significantly with data driven testing for mobile apps
By combining real device testing of native mobile apps with functional testing of Web apps, and services testing on a single platform, eureQa provides a powerful end-to-end test automation solution.

Test REST and SOAP services at scale

  • Support for testing REST and SOAP services
  • Process JSON and XML payloads
  • Support for public facing services and services available behind firewalls
  • Increase test coverage significantly with data driven testing for APIs
  • Run automated API tests at scale on the Cloud
  • Performance testing support for APIs
  • Initiate additional tests in eureQa using the QaCONNECT REST API
eureQa’s support for API testing is a game changer in automated testing of digital applications.

Improve application quality with actionable analytics

  • Detailed, customizable reports on all aspects of your test
  • Analyze results by browser, build, module and many other variables that influence your application quality
  • Get valuable insights on test outcomes and application performance
  • MS Excel and PDF Reports
  • Screenshots and Videos provide insights into user experience
  • Event based notification keeps everyone updated
At Bare Necessities, we use eureQa to run tests on a myriad of browser/device combinations. The results from these tests are available within hours instead of days as it was with manual testing.
— William Saccone, Sr. Director, Bare Necessities

Implement continuous, autonomous testing with CI/CD integration

  • Integrate with CI/CD (Jenkins, Bamboo) tools and JIRA
  • Powerful REST API to integrate with external systems and processes
  • Manage Test Execution
    • Start and Stop Tests
    • Pass data to and from tests securely
    • Check on status of tests
    • Get detailed Test Results
  • Pass data between tests and external systems/databases
  • Integrate non-UI steps in a test scenario with UI tests
Our testing was good but we needed to do more. We included eureQa in our agile development process and completed our tests in hours rather than in days or weeks. eureQa allows TargetX to focus on test content rather than on tools.
— Peter Schiano, VP R&D, TargetX

End-to-end security for all your testing

eureQa’s enterprise class security means that you can test your business critical applications from the cloud without a worry.
  • Enterprise class Cloud security
  • Secure access to applications, services and database behind corporate firewalls
  • Automatic test data encryption
  • Support for single sign-on and enterprise authentication tools
  • Built in audit trail for all changes to tests

Data Driven Testing

  • Run test scenarios with different data to increase test coverage
  • Support for static (CSV) and dynamic (SQL databases, REST & SOAP services) data sources
  • Use for testing data variations and dynamic content in apps
  • Use with functional, mobileAPI and performance testing
Data driven testing in eureQa enables you to increase test coverage by simply adding new data sets, and not new tests

Organize your tests and results any way you want to with labels

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 1.07.58 PM.png
  • Unlimited flexibility in organizing test scripts, scenarios, data, and results
  • Map test artifacts to application modules, features or any other attributes
  • Drive customized reporting and analytics

Test the multi-language and multi-currency features of your applications with ease

  • Test content, data and labels in multiple languages using eureQa's data driven testing features
  • Testing content and text in multiple languages across multiple country sites is time and effort intensive.  Accelerate this process with scalable cloud testing on eureQa
Leading global retail brands use eureQa to test their digital commerce sites in countries around the world