New ways of capturing, processing, storing and sharing patient health information are at the center of innovations in health-tech and healthcare-IT apps.

Is your testing keeping up with these challenges?

eureQa is the SECURE SaaS+Cloud platform for testing Health-tech and Healthcare-IT apps

The Health-tech testing challenge


Inadvertent inclusion of PHI in test data can create liabilities while testing health-tech and healthcare-IT apps. Identifying PHI in test data and eliminating its use is difficult.

Data capture forms and reports used by in health-tech and healthcare-IT apps are usually customizable by specialty, customer or jurisdiction.  Testing frequent changes to these forms and reports is time consuming and expensive to do manually.

Validating information in the app databases against data feeds from enterprise datasources at healthcare providers, insurers and pharmacies requires is challenging.

We have the solution

The eureQa Testing Platform provides a full suite of capabilities to meet the testing needs of health-tech and healthcare-IT apps.


With eureQa you can:

  • Encrypt Test data to ensure no PHI is compromised
  • Secure all tests with end to end encryption
  • Use real-life tests developed by health-tech and healthcare-IT experts rather than programmers
  • Test fillable forms and reports 
  • Ensure that the apps work correctly on over 700 different browser, OS and device combinations
  • Eliminate the need to build and maintain test infrastructure

eureQa makes it easy to automate regression tests so we can continue to focus our resources on innovation and delivering a quality product, not manually testing or building our own test automation framework. We would never have been able to take on test automation in such a short time and with such little investment without eureQa
— Mrinal Bhaskar, CTO, Rightcare Solutions