Testing HealthTech and Healthcare-IT apps

The incredible pace of technology adoption in healthcare has given rise to innovative products and applications.  New ways of capturing, processing, storing and sharing patient health information are at the center of innovations in health-tech and healthcare-IT apps.

Ensuring the quality of these apps places a set of challenges to testers:

  • Ensuring data security and privacy is critical to ensure that no PHI is compromised
  • Making sure that app workflows are adequately tested for all data and boundary conditions
  • Ensuring that the apps work correctly and consistently on all browsers and devices

The Manual testing approach used by many health-tech and healthcare-IT companies fall woefully short of meeting the testing needs of their apps.

eureQa makes it extremely easy to build, run and manage test automation for health-tech and healthcare-IT apps

Patient Care co-ordination company accelerates test automation 3x using eureQa

eureQa Solves HealthTech Automation Problems

Leading HealthTech companies have chosen eureQa as their test automation solution to help speed up their application testing and reduce the time it takes to deliver new app features to their customers.  Since you do not need to use any programming language to build test automation with eureQa, your subject matter experts (SMEs) and business analysts (BAs) can build tests that simulate how your app witll be used. 

eureQa is also helping healthTech companies onboard new customers faster by reducing the time to test custom configurations with customer data.  

Here are some of the features that make eureQa the right choice for a test automation platform for HealthTech applications:

Proven end-to-end Security

  • eureQa's Test Data Management allows you to encrypt sensitive and PHI data
  • End-to-end encryption of all test communication from eureQa Cloud to your apps

Test Data Integration

  • eureQa's support for Data Driven Testing and Test Data Management makes it extremely easy to test all combinations of app workflows and integrations with customer data sources
  • Test rules and configurations that govern data entry and access for all user roles and privileges

Speed up Customer Onboarding

  • Test all custom configurations easily
  • Ensure all customer integration points work correctly
  • Simulate customer user experience accurately across all applicable browsers and devices

eureQa's features for HealthTech Testing

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