Accelerate Testing of Contract Management Software

iContracts is a leading provider of contract, compliance, and revenue management solutions for the Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Education industries. Contracts handling is a complex process involving compliance with ever changing government regulations, changing contracting models and handling multiple vendors.  iContracts’ software solutions tackle these complexities through multiple logical and lengthy workflows 

eureQa has enabled iContracts to automate our regression test plans and execute them more frequently across the multiple browsers and versions that we support. The immediate feedback from execution of our test plans has helped our team identify and fix any issues faster. eureQa has improved our team productivity and helped us roll our product features faster, and with greater quality
— Erik Sieverding, CTO, iContracts


iContracts has development teams in multiple countries working on its products building code multiple times a day

  • Regression tests had to be run after each build to ensure that the no existing features were broken by the new code
  • The frequency of builds made it impossible to perform manual regression testing
  • A custom automation framework (based on Selenium) was expensive to build and keep up to date


iContracts used the eureQa Testing Platform to automate its regression tests:

  • Run the automated tests after each build, multiple times a day
  • Identify issues early to eliminate bugs creeping into production code and causing rework
  • Integrate test execution with DevOps tools to implement an agile testing process


Using the eureQa Testing Platform iContracts was able to:

  • Test its software 10x faster than manual testing
  • Improved development team productivity by reducing rework caused by broken builds
  • Improved customer satisfaction by eliminating bugs creeping into production deployments