Enterprise class authoring tool for AI Powered Test Automation

In QaSCRIBE, eureQa gives powerful authoring capabilities to users of its AI powered automation platform. QaSCRIBE allows users to rapidly create, run and debug robust automated tests using just a Web browser, thus eliminating the need to be tethered to any workstation based software.  QaSCRIBE incorporates a script recorder, editor, debugger and a local execution engine providing a full range of features for test authoring.

QaSCRIBE is loaded with features to make it extremely easy to build and maintain test automation:

Collaborate in Real Time

  • Share automation scripts with team members globally

  • Lock scripts for editing

  • Built-in, automatic version control

Build tests Anywhere, Anytime

  • Build scripts directly on the browser

  • Save tests automatically on the Cloud

  • Eliminate local repositories and stale tests

Seamless experience between Cloud and Local executions

  • Easily switch between running tests locally and the Cloud.

  • Rich details on test results

  • Switch between Design & Build mode, or Run & Debug modes

Embedded Local Execution Engine

  • Run Tests locally on your workstation

  • Run ‘standalone’ scripts or entire scenarios or workflows

  • Bring the power of