eureQa, LLC announces support for encryption of test data and test results on the eureQa® Testing Platform

Philadelphia, October 13, 2015 – eureQa, LLC today announced the support for end-to-end encryption of test data and test results within the eureQa® Testing Platform. This support enables companies that handle sensitive data, manage their test data securely on the eureQa® Cloud. eureQa® provides a high level of control on the data that is encrypted and allows users to selectively encrypt some or all of their test data. By encrypting data during transmission, storage, test execution and reporting, eureQa® now provides a secure platform for functional testing of applications that handle sensitive user data

eureQa® Testing Platform is being successfully used for cross browser and cross device testing of software functionality by security conscious companies in the healthcare, retail and pharma industries. With this release eureQa® continues to expand the enterprise class testing features available on its SaaS+Cloud platform.