eureQa, LLC releases dbCONNECT to add support for database testing to the eureQa Testing Platform

Philadelphia, Aug 19, 2016 – eureQa, LLC today announced the general availability of dbCONNECT, giving users of the eureQa SaaS+Cloud Testing Platform the ability to securely connect automated tests running on the Cloud to SQL databases behind corporate firewalls.

“Automated Tests frequently have to interact with databases behind corporate firewalls to either 'prepare' or 'retrieve' data that drives the tests, or to 'update' or ‘clean-up’ data after test executions complete”, said Bari Chittamuri, CTO of eureQa, LLC.  “In most enterprises, the only option available to integrate automated tests with these databases is to build and maintain custom code. dbCONNECT provides an efficient, cost-effective, rapid and secure alternative to the expensive proposition of development of this custom code.

eureQa, LLC helps technology companies shorten their product release cycles and significantly reduce their cost of testing.  eCommerce companies and independent software vendors in the Healthcare IT, pharmaceutical and CRM industries have used the eureQa Testing Platform to achieve over 85% reduction in testing times and 5x reduction in testing costs for regression and cross-browser/cross-device testing.  The addition of dbCONNECT to the eureQa Testing Platform extends these benefits to database testing. 

"Performing Create, Read, Update, Delete (C.R.U.D) operations on databases within your network from automated tests running on the eureQa Cloud is now a breeze!", continue Chittamuri. "In the realm of test automation, dbCONNECT offers significant value to our customers in diverse and interesting use cases." 

With this release eureQa continues to expand the enterprise class testing features available on its SaaS+Cloud testing platform.