Tired of test automation solutions that require you to integrate multiple open source tools, write code to connect to Cloud VMs or pay expensive product license fees?

It's time to say eureQa!

eureQa is a SaaS+Cloud Testing Platform that provides you with all the features required to build, run and manage an effective test automation solution.  It empowers your QA teams to make sure that your apps work exactly the way you intended them to and your customers have a great experience using your apps.

Here are a few things you can do with the eureQa testing Platform

  • Eliminate the need for custom-frameworks and expensive programmers to build test automation
  • Create test scenarios that accurately simulate real business workflows and customer usage
  • Create, Manage and Use test data securely
  • Run tests in parallel on the Cloud - Eliminate expensive test labs 
  • Run your tests on Third-Party Selenium Clouds (Sauce Labs & Browserstack)
  • Get Continuous Actionable Analytics - Zero wait time.
  • Empower your Agile Teams - Continuous Testing to go with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Test automation by Subject Matter Experts & QA Analysts - Not Programmers

  • Build test automation without programming
  • Simulate complex test workflows easily with looping, conditional statements and control flow commands
  • Reduce test maintenace by 75% with Test Assembly
  • Easily automate dynamic UI & frequently changing content with ease
  • Get rid of your test lab and custom framework
The Point-Click-Create-Assemble-Execute model has allowed teams that don’t have programming skills to take advantage of automation at a net lower cost to the organization.
— Sridhar Narayanan, Director QA, Weightwatchers International
eureQa has enabled iContracts to automate our regression test plans and execute them more frequently across the multiple browsers and versions that we support. eureQa has improved our team productivity and helped us roll our product features faster, and with greater quality
— Erik Sieverding, CTO, iContracts

Test Data Management and Security

  • Build and manage Data and Keyword driven Testing
  • Access Test Data from multiple sources
  • End-to-end encryption of Test Data
  • Secure sharing of data between tests
  • Integrate with external systems/applications to pass Test data



Run Tests on the Cloud - No infrastructure investment

  • Scale your testing capacity on the Cloud
  • Test with 700+ browsers, OS and device combinations
  • Secure connection to apps & databases behind your firewall
  • Track your test's progress as it runs
  • View Screenshots & Videos with test results
eureQa is more than just using Selenium-as-a-Service on the Cloud. Instead of worrying about the idiosyncrasies of Selenium, we can focus on improving out product quality. We would never have been able to take on test automation in such a short time and with such little investment without eureQa.
— Mrinal Bhaskar, CTO, Rightcare Solutions
At Bare Necessities, we use eureQa to run tests on a myriad of browser/device combinations. The results from these tests are available within hours instead of days as it was with manual testing.
— William Saccone, Sr. Director, Bare Necessities

Get Quality Insights with Analytics

  • Detailed reports on all aspects of your test
  • Analyse results by browser, build, module and many other variables that influence your software quality
  • Get valuable insights on what drives your software quality
  • MS Excel and PDF Reports
  • Event based notification keeps everyone updated

DevOps Integration

  • Integrate with CI/CD (Jenkins, Bamboo) tools and JIRA
  • Powerful REST API to integrate with external systems and processes
  • Manage Test Execution
    • Start and Stop Tests
    • Pass data to and from tests securely
    • Check on status of tests
    • Get detailed Test Results
  • Pass data between tests and external systems/databases
  • Integrate non-UI steps in a test scenario with UI tests
Our testing was good but we needed to do more. We included eureQa in our agile development process and completed our tests in hours rather than in days or weeks. eureQa allows TargetX to focus on test content rather than on tools.
— Peter Schiano, VP R&D, TargetX
Performing Create, Read, Update, Delete (C.R.U.D) operations on databases within your network from tests running on the Cloud is now a breeze!

dbCONNECT - Secure database testing from the Cloud

  • Securely connect tests running on the Cloud to SQL databases behind firewalls - NO CODING REQUIRED
  • Read Test data from multiple databases at test runtime
  • Verify app data shown on UI against database data
  • Easy to validate data from intermediate steps (not usually shown on the app UI) updated in the database
  • Update database with test results