All Plans give you access to 100% of eureQa Testing Platform Features

Agile Testing

Ideal for agile teams building software products and implementing continuous testing

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Project Based

Best suited for teams working on projects that have defined start and end dates

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For teams involved in operational maintenance of eCommerce sites or enterprise apps

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All Plans include

  • Scriptless Test Automation
  • Conditional, flow-control and looping constructs 
  • Data and Keyword Driven Testing
  • Test Data Management
  • Geo-Locale testing
  • Securely test apps and databases behind firewalls
  • Cloud based testing on 700+ browser, OS and device combinations
  • Mobile (Android/iOS) and Desktop browser support
  • Actionable Analytics and Dashboards
  • MS Excel and PDF Reports
  • REST API to start, stop tests
  • REST API to pass data to tests and get test results
  • ALM and CI/CD integration
  • View & download test assets (results, screenshots, video)
  • Onboarding assistance to get you started
  • Self directed and instructor led Training
  • Automation Mentoring
  • Product support
  • Access to Knowledgebase

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