Frequently asked pricing questions


UI / Functional / API testing

How does Customer On-boarding work?

Our customer on-boarding process is designed to accelerate your path to ROI. We will work with you to identify up to 50 test cases that are most frequently used and automate them.  We will then certify these tests on up to 10 most frequently used testing platforms to make sure that you get the best test coverage possible. Then we will integrate these tests with you CI/CD tools, if available, to set up a continuous testing solution so that you can start reaping the benefits of automation. Finally we will transition this automation to your eureQa certified automation team to maintain and enhance.

What is a testing platform?

A testing platform in eureQa represents a combination of desktop/device-OS-browser-screen resolution that is used to simulate a user.

What is included in eureQa training?

eureQa training is an online instructor led training class.  This training is included in all subscription levels of the eureQa platform. The duration of the class is 14 hours spread over a week and attendees are encouraged to complete a certification program comprising of lab exercises that can be completed over two weeks. 


Performance Testing

How does customer on-boarding work for performance testing?

Just like the customer on-boarding process for UI/functional/API testing the on-boarding process for performance testing is designed to accelerate your performance testing ROI.  We will work with you to identify up to 10 business workflows that you want to use in your performance tests.  You can include some or all of these workflows in each test cycle or your performance tests. Each workflow can further consist of multiple usage steps.  Performance metrics are captured and reported at a usage step and business workflow level.

How many performance test cycles can I run?

We don't limit the number of performance test cycles you run within your subscription term.  You can run your tests as long as you have virtual user hours available.

What is browser based performance testing?

eureQa uses Selenium/Webdriver tests for performance testing and runs these tests on browsers at large scale.  Unlike performance testing done by just simulating HTTP(S) traffic, browser based simulation includes the impact of client side technologies like AJAX, JQuery etc., into the performance test and provides a more accurate measure of the the user experience.  This is particularly important when testing digital applications like eCommerce sites that are content and data intensive.  

What is included in the extended support?

Once you have been on-boarded, our expert support team is available to assist you with planning, building, running, maintaining your tests.  They will also help you understand new features and enhancements to the platform, and identify the ones that can benefit you in your specific testing needs.

How do you calculate virtual user hours?

Virtual user hours represent the capacity available for running performance tests.  A performance test cycle with 500 concurrent users running for one hour will consume 500 virtual user hours of capacity.