Enterprise class authoring tools to build and maintain AI powered test automation

QaSCRIBE powerful authoring capabilities to users of the eureQa automation platform. It allows users to rapidly create, run and debug robust automated tests using just a Web browser, thus eliminating the need to be tethered to any workstation based software.  QaSCRIBE incorporates a script recorder, editor, debugger and a local execution engine providing a full range of features for test authoring. Here are some of the capabilities included:

Real time collaboration

  • Work collaboratively with globally distributed teams

  • Jointly develop and maintain test scripts

  • Built-in version control and script locking eliminate rework and improve productivity

Browser based test authoring

  • Build and maintain test automation from anywhere with just your Web browser

  • Automatic Cloud storage of tests

  • No more accidentally deleted or lost scripts

Advanced Test Debugging

  • Pause test execution with breakpoints

  • Step through test one instruction at a time

  • View content/value of variables and test objects

Run tests on your local machine

  • Embedded local execution engine

  • Run tests standalone or as part of a scenario or workflow

  • Test boundary conditions and edge cases with data driven testing