You build and run your SFDC apps on the Cloud.

Shouldn't you test them on the Cloud too?

eureQa is the only SaaS+Cloud Testing Platform for and apps

The SFDC testing challenge



Visualforce pages use dynamic UI IDs, which breaks test automation built on other tools every time you rebuild your app or move it across environments.

Building a lab with VMs to test all browser/device/OS combinations for  Classic and Lightning UI can be cost prohibitive.

Testing access control based on user profiles, roles and org-hierarchy involves large data sets that are difficult to manage and time consuming to execute.

We have the solution


Where other automation tools and Selenium frameworks fail, eureQa makes it extremely easy to build and run test automation for SFDC and apps.  


With eureQa you can:

  • Build test automation without programming
  • Build tests that don't break on Visualforce pages
  • Handle dynamic UI IDs on Visualforce pages
  • Test both Salesforce Classic and Lightning UI pages
  • Integrate with Salesforce API and Salesforce authentication
  • Test Salesforce Console with ease
  • Test User Profile, Role and Org-Hierarchy based access controls
  • Manage test data and test custom data fields and views
  • Test multi-language implementations
  • Test across environments easily
  • Run Tests on over 900 browser, OS and device combinations on the Cloud
  • Run tests on Real Devices
  • Run multiple tests in parallel to reduce testing time

Our solution is built on top of Our testing was good but we needed to do more. We included eureQa in our agile development process and completed our tests in hours rather than in days or weeks. eureQa allows TargetX to focus on test content rather than on tools
— Peter Schiano, VP R&D