Building and maintaining a Selenium test automation framework takes resources and management focus

Wouldn't you rather spend those on building your product?

eureQa is a SaaS+Cloud Testing Platform that makes it easy to build, run and manage Selenium test automation

The Selenium Testing Challenge


Building and maintaining an effective test automation solution with Selenium requires expensive resources with excellent programming skills.

In addition to programming your test logic an effective automation solution requires you to build the support for features like test data management, script versioning, error logging, reporting and integration with your development tools.

Selenium tests are flaky in execution.


We have the Solution

The eureQa Testing Platform provides a full suite of capabilities to build, run and manage Selenium tests.

With eureQa you can:

  • Build tests without programming
  • Get test script reuse and versioning
  • Eliminate need for test infrastructure
  • Build Data and Keyword driven testing
  • Use Test Data Management features to increase test coverage
  • Securely test apps and databases behind firewalls
  • Use actionable analytics and reports to improve software quality
  • Run tests in parallel on over 700 browsers, OS and device combinations over the Cloud
  • Integrate with DevOps (Jenkins, Bamboo, JIRA) tools and enterprise apps using a REST API

eureQa has enabled iContracts to automate our regression test plans and execute them more frequently across the multiple browsers and versions that we support. The immediate feedback from execution of our test plans has helped our team identify and fix any issues faster. eureQa has improved our team productivity and helped us roll our product features faster, and with greater quality
— Erik Sieverding, CTO, iContracts