Selenium Testing made Easy!

Selenium (and WebDriver) are the de-facto standards for testing apps with a browser based UI.  But building and maintaining an effective test automation solution with Selenium is challenging.  It requires you to

  • Hire developers (hint: they are expensive) with programming experience to write your tests
  • Build supporting functionality (like error logging, test data management, script versioning and reporting) that has to be built in all tests. Or programmed and maintained as an Automation Framework
  • Integrate your tests with your build and deployment tools for agile testing
  • Build a test lab with all versions of browsers, OS and devices you want to test with.  You may be able to get away with subscribing to services from Selenium-on-the-Cloud vendors, but you still have the other challenges listed above to contend with

In short, building and maintaining Selenium tests are expensive, time consuming and quite painful.  

Pharma Contracts Management company accelerates application testing with eureQa

eureQa takes the Headache out of Selenium Testing

Where other automation tools and Selenium frameworks fail, eureQa makes it extremely easy to build and run test automation for SFDC and apps.   You do not need to use any programming language to build test automation for your SFDC app with eureQa.  Nor do you have to buy expensive software and hardware to run your tests. 

Here are some of the features that make eureQa the right choice for a test automation platform for SFDC applications:

Eliminate Flaky Tests

eureQa's Smart-Locator Strategy support consistently identifies UI elements
Test automation of apps with asynchronous updates to UI objects is a breeze

Cross browser & Device testing on the Cloud

Build tests once and run them on over 700 browser/device/OS combinations
Screen shots and videos mapped to test instructions

Test CSS and Custom HTML

Cross Browser and Cross Device Testing of your app across over 700+ browser and device combinations

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