Test Data Partitioning with Data Filters

Testers are often faced with the challenge of having to run tests to evaluate the impact of specific data or configuration changes to their apps.  These tests typically require the use of test data that has to be specifically prepared for the test.  In most cases this data may already exist as part of a larger regression test data set.   Being able to extract this data dynamically and use it in tests will save a tremendous amount of time and effort.


The Challenge

Testing changes to Product Catalogs often involves using a subset of your test data in a test run. 

Extracting this subset from your test data however can be cumbersome, especially if it has to be done multiple times to test a variety of conditions like – product description change, SKU # change or out-of-stock condition etc.

The specific subset of data has to be dynamically selected at runtime based on dynamic data within the test


The Solution

Create Data Filters to partition the test data sets used to test the Product Catalog.

Filters can be created on one or more attributes (columns) of the data in the Product Catalog. This increases flexibility in selecting the right subset of data for tests

Filtering can be done using static data (specific Product SKU etc.) or dynamic data (Product SKUs that have been marked out-of-stock in a previous test step)

Filter criteria can be passed to the test through the REST API

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