eureQa Subscription Plans

Our subscription plans are designed to help you adopt the eureQa platform quickly, and to achieve rapid ROI.

All plans give you access to 100% of UI, functional and API testing features, and include the following:


UI / Functional / API Testing


$ 30,000/year

3 Parallel Tests

24 Hours/day


$ 60,000/year

10 Parallel Tests

80 Hours/day


$ 120,000/year

25 Parallel Tests

200 Hours/day


We will be happy to design a plan to meet your specific testing needs.

Not sure what plan is right for you or need more information? Check out our FAQs or Contact Us.

Performance Testing

Performance testing on the eureQa platform is available at an additional cost to any of the above subscription levels.  

All performance testing options listed below include the following:

  • Test real life user experience with browser based performance testing
  • Performance test creation as part of customer on-boarding
  • Run unlimited test cycles
  • Extended support to help you get the most out of your performance tests


$ 6,000/year

500 concurrent users

10,000 virtual user hours



$ 8,000/year

750 concurrent users

15,000 virtual user hours 


$ 10,000/year

1000 concurrent users

25,000 virtual user hours


We are happy to design a plan to meet your specific performance testing needs

Performance testing requires a subscription to the eureQa platform

Not sure which option is best for you? Check out our FAQs or Contact Us.