TargetX reduces regression testing time by 85% with eureQa

TargetX is a leading CRM Company in higher education, reimagining the student experience through campus wide solutions that help colleges and universities build lifelong relationships with prospective students, current students and alumni. Built on the platform, TargetX’s solutions can be customized for each department or school within a College/ University. TargetX wanted to incorporate testing into its agile development process and automate regression testing of UI and UX changes, across the several different browsers, devices and OS combinations.

Our solution is built on top of Our testing was good but we needed to do more. We included eureQa in our agile development process and completed our tests in hours rather than in days or weeks. eureQa allows TargetX to focus on test content rather than on tools
— Peter Schiano, VP Research & Development


TargetX had adopted an agile development process for its based CRM product for colleges and universities. Regression testing however, was still a challenge.

  • Manual execution of regression tests were time consuming
  • Automation of Visualforce pages with Custom Selenium Frameworks and HP-UFT was a challenge
  • TargetX wanted to accomplish automation with existing testing QA team members that were not programmers


TargetX used the eureQa Testing Platform to automate its regression tests within an agile development process. TargetX was specifically able to

  • Build test automation using its existing QA team of non-programmers
  • Automate Cross Browser Testing to ensure that its CRM system worked consistently across multiple browsers
  • Implement an agile testing process where tests were run automatically after a build was deployed using integration with CI tools


eureQa provided TargetX with a number of immediate and tangible benefits. TargetX was able to

  • Reduce regression testing time by 85%
  • Run automated smoke tests as part of agile development process to identify bugs earlier in the development cycle
  • Test its online application product on multiple browsers daily to guarantee a great user experience for its customers