eureQa Solves SFDC Test Automation Problems

Where other automation tools and Selenium frameworks fail, eureQa's AI powered automation makes it extremely easy to build and run test automation for SFDC and apps.   You do not need to use any programming language to build test automation for your SFDC app with eureQa.  Nor do you have to buy expensive software and hardware to run your tests. 

eureQa’s ability to run UI, functional, API and load/performance testing on a single cloud based platform provides us with significant scale and efficiency in our testing process
— Shawn Belling, EVP Cloudcraze


Get Untethered - Test your Cloud apps on the Cloud!

Eliminate Flaky tests with AI

eureQa's AI powered automation ensures that all elements are consistently identified on Visual Force pages
No more broken or flaky tests when you re-build your app or move it across environments Use AI to synchronize test execution with application to avoid false positives


Build Automation without Programming

No more writing Code or using a Programming Language to build tests

Built in support for Test Script Reuse to reduce automation effort Create tests with Real Life Workflows


Test Roles & Org Hierarchy based Access Control

eureQa's support for Data Driven Testing and Test Data Management makes it extremely easy to test role and user profile based access control Test rules that govern access to data and views across all parts of the Organization Hierarchy.


Lightning UI Testing

Test your apps with lightning on [1000+ browser/OS/devices] on the Cloud

Run tests across environments without rework Reduce testing time by running tests in parallel


Integration & Reporting

REST API to integrate your tests with enterprise systems

Access test data from enterprise SQL data sources

Actionable analytics and reporting

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