Reduce production downtime window for updates by 75%

Weight Watchers International is a US company, that offers various science-driven products and services to clients and assists in weight loss and maintenance, by helping them form helpful habits, eat smarter, get more exercise and provide support. It operates is 30 countries, and provides clients customized plans, with diet charts and exercise regimes that meet their specific lifestyle needs. It regularly updates localized content on 15 language sites and pushes localized content that is accessed by customers based on their geographic location or zip code.

eureQa has worked out very well for us at Weightwatchers. eureQa has allowed us to quickly create automated test scripts and deploy them in Dev, QA and Production environments, across a dozen markets (A single script in effect is used to test 60 different contexts). eureQa has enabled us cut the time taken for post-deployment verification from 2 hours down to 25 minutes. We are saving time and money across multiple teams as we compress the windows needed for deployments.
— Sridhar Narayanan, Director QA & Digital Product Engineering


Weightwatchers publishes new and targeted content daily in over a dozen different language sites all over the world. With frequent changes to these sites Weightwatchers has to ensure that this content update shows up correctly. Weightwatchers had to:

  • Verify that the changes to the multi-language sites showed up correctly on all sites
  • Content was rendered correctly on all browsers and mobile devices
  • Verify impact of changes across all sites, browsers and devices within minutes of the change being made


Weightwatchers used the eureQa Testing Platform to test the content changes on its foreign language sites. It was able to:

  • Build test automation that could be run across all its foreign language sites immediately after the content was updated
  • Use data driven testing to test for updated content in multiple languages
  • Run tests in parallel across all browsers and devices for all foreign language sites


Using the eureQa Testing Platform Weightwatchers was able to:

  • Reduce the amount of manual testing that was required in the middle of the night when the content was updated
  • Reduce the time required to test content updates
  • Increase accuracy of content updates and improve use experience